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Since there are still stands for sale and developments ongoing on the total of the Zandspruit Estates, the ZEHOA site acknowledges three sites explicitly: one owned/registered by Zandspruit Estates (Pty) Ltd ( and the websites owned/registered by Lowland Developments (Pty) Ltd ( and (


This site has recently been launched; comments are welcome; please use the enquiries functionality at the home page, or send an email to

General Notices


ZS Logo Grey Brush Stroke.png

The airfield is a private, unmanned, unlicensed, voluntarily registered runway for use by ZEHOA-members only.  External pilots are welcome on invitation by ZEHOA-members only.


CLICK HERE (Annexure A) for Airfield Information at Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate  


Complete the Indemnity form below and email a copy to at least 24 hours prior to touchdown

Please note that the airfield is under 24 hour camera surveillance.

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